VW Polo coupe coming up?

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The new Polo will soon be offered as a 3 door hatch and a 4 door sedan, in addition to the current 5 door hatchback model.
At least one of these will come to the US.
But they are now also talking about a coupe.

British magazine Auto Express seems to think the design will make the car look like a mini Scirocco.

Not a bad thing.

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  1. Hi! I heard Volkswagen is also considering a Polo-based minivan to rival the Opel Meriva, Fiat Idea, Renault Modus and Citroën C3 Picasso. Tio Lin

  2. Just what we all need. A car for those who think the Rabbit/Golf/Jetta is way too enormous/luxurious/comfortable and safe. I personally, have too much trouble shoe-horning myself into a Golf; let alone some under-sized over-priced micro appliance. Great for the Chinese market though; where the average adult is 5’4″ and 115 lbs. But in the US it’ll just be an expensive way to be squished to death on the Freeway.

  3. I just saw a new Polo driving here in the US yesterday. It was getting onto Pacific Blvd. in Sterling, very close to VW HQ.

    VWs are trash, their reliability record proves it.

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