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Obnoxious Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer got a free car today!
Like he needs one.
One of the richest man in the world just got a free Ford Fusion Hybrid from Alan Mulally.
CEOs helping CEOs

Are you kidding me right now???

Giving a Fusion to Ballmer is like giving a free stamp to Nelson Rockefeller.
Even as a PR event, it is an idiotic move.

Here is the guy they gave a free car to…

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  1. I wonder if the Ford Fusion has a built-in Apple iPod dock. I hope it does remind Ballmer who is really on top…

  2. Ford probably has one of the best CEOs in the world right now. Took a broken company in a broken economy and will probably keep it out of bankruptcy.

  3. To me the major reason I have no interest whatsoever in Sync (despite my affinity for Fords) is that it is associated with Microsoft, the monopolistic producers of some of the crappiest software in the world.

  4. Steve Ballmer: A real fat ass flapping his huge pie hole, breathing heavy, sounding like a gonormous walrus being dragged across the ocean floor after being hooked by a trawler!


  5. he’s nuts, in a rage, it would be sweet if he passed out. grow up, it’s like it’s a highschool pep rally. what a retard! they should have given him an equally retarded car like the Prius by toyota.

  6. Sure pay over $200 on any car to get an ipod dock… That makes more sense…
    About time people look more at functionality than image. Ford sync system is pretty decent and more affordable.

  7. By the way, this guy runs like an idiot on stage for 41 seconds and he is out of breath. For all his billions he should be able to get a trainer.

  8. this is the hybrid i would by if i had the money 😀
    Toyota and Honda make ugly hybrids. i know its all about drag, but c’mon!

  9. If he knew what was good for him, he’d donate the Fusion Hybrid to someone. I understand the point, but it’s still not a smart thing to do. At least ford themselves have already donated one to a family on Extreme Makeover Home Edition….so they aren’t complete a-holes.

    If I had billions of dollars from a company I worked for I’d fart around on stage just like that too!

  10. If Mr Balmer had bought a Fusion Hybrid it would not have likely generated press coverage. With the gift, more people become aware of the vehicle and there is a chance of more sales and income to Ford.

    This marketing tactic has been going on forever. Your readers can probably cite some examples.

  11. High school pep rally, for sure.

    Microsoft is usually more of a follower. I wish they would show us more of their innovative side and get those products to market.

    I have Sync in a Focus and it isn’t too bad. Voice commands are a little flaky. But, I must say, I do love the USB connection where I attached a 16 Gig memory stick ($60 and getting cheaper.) filled with over 5000 of my MP3s. No need for an IPod and it can stay in my car, in plain sight, without worrying too much about theft. Love it! Road trip!

    Ballmer getting a free car is like me getting a free pen at a cheap hotel. It could come in handy but I can also buy them by the dozens.

  12. He looks like he needs to walk more… not get a free car. Maybe some lithium too for whatever manic depression he’s exibiting.

  13. I have to hand props to Ford. Normally I wouldn’t give their cars a second look…HOWEVER,

    The 2010 Taurus – SWEET
    2010 Fusion Hybrid – SWEET
    2009 Escape Hybrid – SWEET
    Ford Edge – SWEET!

  14. VINCE, you need to read the articles you post, Balmer bought the car, it wasn’t free. “Purchase by Microsoft CEO underscores positive partnership of two powerhouse brands, Ford and Microsoft, joining forces to deliver affordable products consumers want.”

  15. Instead of a free Fusion Hybrid, someone should have gave him a free membership to Bally’s gym or something. He’s pretty out of breath for just….uuuhhhhh….walking and raising his arms for a total of 40 sec. on stage……alright…..he was yelling too, but still.

  16. thanks for putting that video up of that loser….that could be the funniest thing i’ve seen in awhile…What a spaz! I mean come on who is he kidding with that hyper act!

  17. Microsoft is a dinosaur–fully mature without an innovation in years. Its latest VISTA OS has been such a mess that some computer buyers replace VISTA with XP–and 8 year old OS. That’s like Honda replacing its current engine with one from 2001.

    Microsoft has been the best sales force for Apple whose OS is far superior. And MS Office can be ignored by many people who download the free, OpenOffice (NeoOffice for Mac). Even Bill Gates became bored by his own creation and now involves himself in charity work–a thoughtful change to be sure.

    MSFT is a glaring has-been company if there ever was one. Perhaps the upcoming Windows 7 will turn things around for this big, but boring company.

  18. well vince if you actually read WHY he got the free car is because it was the one millionth car that has the sync system from microsoft.

    do you actually think he’ll take the car? he’ll just give it to some charity.

  19. Maybe his psychiatrist orderd a Fusion so does not have to yell when coming on stage.So these are zje people we support when buying Microsoft. Good to know.

  20. Who cares. Give the guy a car. He runs a great business and, despite what anyone says, most computers use the damned software they sell. My chief concern is the shitty hubcaps that come on his hybrid. Really? Ford couldn’t have done any better than that?

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