Who will get Saturn???

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A new report is claiming that talks between auto supplier Magna and GM are pretty far advanced.
Magna doesn’t actually make cars. But they are also trying to buy Opel.
That means if the deal goes through, Saturns could still turn out to be American versions of Opel cars.
Which I think could be the best senario for Saturn.

Plus it could keep the Sky alive..

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  1. Wow…so this just advances what GM was doing with Saturn in the first place….at least if this pulls through we will get these “Opels” much faster from Magna than under GM’s slow and old wing.

  2. Vince, Bottom line here is the fact that these imported Opels will still cost more than comparable competitions models and that is why Saturn has experienced a fast death. Overpriced and underfeatured cars just don’t cut it in the 21st century anymore!

  3. If this happens, Saturn will be competing heavily for GM/Chevy businesses.

    It’s a double take for GM. They can benefit in the short term from the cash and complying with the Government’s conditions and requirements. On the long run, if the deal goes through, Saturn -as an independent brand will be another headache for Chevrolet/GM.

    Opel can be very competitive, if they can have direct access to the US car market.

    But if GM learns from this, competition is not a bad thing on the long run. It will force GM/Chevy to continue improving: better products, better prices, better business practices Not bad at all for the shareholders, customers and the whole auto industry.

  4. I thought Saturn would be bought by a consortium of Moon Parts, Sun Electric, Mars Candy, some Satellite TV company; and a Disney Rep named Pluto

  5. Ghetto,

    you’re right. Never thought of it like that.

    If Magna buys Opel and, hopefully, Saturn, then I will be prouder to be Canadian.

  6. Magna >> Opel >> Saturn.


    Now can that division PLEASE get the Ampera (er…Volt) as a 2-door!?!?!


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