2010 Hyundai Accent

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Hyundai has just revised the Korean version of the Accent called the Verna.
Not sure yet if the horrific front end will make it over here yet.

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  1. The car looks diseased and famished; so much for Hyundai coming up with mature and non-gimmicky designs. The current accents looks above average as it is. What a joke

  2. I don't think that will make it over to the US. Americans are far too conservative.

    With that being said, the Accent is a very decent subcompact. I would much rather have a three door Accent SE over any Yaris or Versa.

  3. O..M..G.. That is the ugliest front end I've seen on a car in a long time. I'm truly surprised as Hyundai has been on a successful roll lately. Where is Joel when you need him!?

  4. At first I thought this was hideous, but if you remove the razor blades in the grill, it doesn't look nearly as bad (except that it looks more like a Corolla). The headlights themselves are fine.

    So I guess they took the 2006 model and put a new face and new tails but kept everything else the same. The currenty model has gone unchanged for 4 model years…I thought they were saving up for a complete redo…I guess not. So this will be the longest running accent unless this model is only around for 2 years!

  5. I like the grill and I like the head lights and I like the air dam, just not together. It could be worse though, it could look like the front of my '01 Kia Spectra. My Spectra is a great car….just not that good looking.

  6. Hey Vince, How did you come up with a picture of the all new 2011 Honda Civic???? You really are way ahead of the rest!!!!

  7. "incest said…
    just as ugly as a hyundai should be….kia too baby"

    They have been incredibly sucessful lately. Are you upset because you are a die hard Mopar fan and they are doing so poorly?

    "Anonymous said…
    Hey Vince, How did you come up with a picture of the all new 2011 Honda Civic???? You really are way ahead of the rest!!!!"

    This looks NOTHING like the illustration of the 2011 Civic. You must be kidding.

  8. This car is not coming. The Accent will remain looking the same for 2010 and perhaps beyond. Hyundai mentioned that a "new and exciting" replacement for the Accent will be coming….but this car isn't it. BTW, I absolutely love my Accent SE hatch…….it does not need a makeover.

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