2010 Nissan Qazana?

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This looks to be the production version of the small Qazana concept crossover from the past Geneva Auto Show.
It is said to be mostly designed for the European market.
But who knows, this might end up here as a little brother to the Rogue…

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  1. They should call this the Nissan Qrotchana because it looks like something they yanked out of a crotch somewhere.

  2. I guess looking at the Quanza and the BMW hatch back (lost track of it's names, probably X-something or other) the Pontiac Aztec was just ahead of it's time. Ugly is the new pretty?

  3. I don't think it's that ugly, to be honest. Peculiar, sure, but I wouldn't call it ugly. What I wonder is if there really is a need for this, it looks too close to the Qashqai in size

  4. straight copy of RAV4 rear quarter window & mirrors etc, added with a murano wheelwell, then top up with a ugly front end from Subaru, then some ugly turn signal on the top of the hood… THE MOST UGLY piece of junk I have ever seen… worse than the Aztec!! they took the spot light to be Jap "ass-tec"!

  5. That is exceptionally ugly, just like all of Nissan's other designs (sans GTR & 370Z).

    Nissan's design team is terrible. The new Murano looks like an insect and the Rogue looks like a baby last gen Murano. No imagination.

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