2011 Chevrolet Volt

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This is it. The very final design. The production model.
For real. They swear.

Looks nice in black. But what doesn’t.
At least the big black plastic parts under the side windows disappear a bit…

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  1. Looks nice fa real. As an ev or even a hybrid, it definitely goes head-to-head w/ the prius/insight in terms of design; if not beats them!

  2. Decent. more personality than the Prius/Insight lookalikes.Since we are all GM owners now I would consider it… to support our business and cut carbon at the same time.

  3. Looks nice. Should be a nice toy for the rich. The rest of us with real world budgets will have to stick with the Prius.

  4. It does look better in black. However the car itself is a pale shadow of the stunning Volt concept. After all that wind tunnel testing, they have made an ugly car that probably won't have a drag coefficient that much better than the beautiful Opel Insignia (0.26)

  5. What doesn't look good in black? Well, according to YOUR post two down, the Aston Martin Rapide doesn't! 😛

  6. Looks nice … has the Chevy familiar face with a bit of chrome. From afar, the front looks like an Acura. I guess the car is more of a sedan than a hatchback like Prius and Insight … which means less trunk space.

  7. Looks good….but like the Camaro, I'm ready for the redesign!

    I wonder what the value will be for a two year old model.

  8. Stop with the uninvited sound. At least provide a silence button on the music or interview. Thank you.

  9. Wait for the suckers to buy a couple thousand at MSRP and then when Chevy resale value kicks in after a year, you will be able to buy one for about $12-13000. Forget hybrids which are more destructive to the environment, just tell the ones in charge to drill the hell out of the United States for oil and build a few more refineries and no one would give two shits about how many MPGs their car got.

  10. Wait for the reliability problems to kick in. Youll soon be seeing a few of these on the back of tow trucks.

  11. A $40K car with unproven technology from a bankrupt company "killing" America's top selling car? Maybe in DJ's head, but not in the real world.

  12. Looks good, so if gas price is up to the moon, it'll be a worthy hybrid if it's not too costly.

    If gas prices moderate and hybrids gather dust as they always seem to do when gas prices drop, the Volt would still be a good car with a 4 cylinder engine in it. The price could then start in the high teens and work up to the mid 20s to be competitive. Nobody will be stupid enough to overpay for a Volt…..well, except certain tiny brains from Modesto;-).

    The "NEW" GM will succeed ONLY if it offers competitive products at competitive prices–nothing else matters.

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