2011 Mustang to get new 3.7Liter V6

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The Mustang won’t be using the old Explorer engine anymore. Starting next year.

It is supposed to be getting a version of the 3.7 Liter already in used in other Ford models.
It will make over 275hp. Much closer to the Camaro’s 300hp V6.

This should be a really nice car. There is really no need for V8s anymore in our new “2009 over $3 a gallon world”.
(Which is what I just paid yesterday, by the way…)

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  1. I have seen this car on the road and it looks like it hit a wall and bent the front 1/4 under. Kinda unsettling styling q

  2. And if they put direct injection in it, it would be putting out 300 hp/torque. Oh, and get even better gas mileage. I like the look of the Mustang, but the mechanicals of the Camaro are far superior. Oh….and Ford, don't bet money that the IRS rear ends on the Camaro/G8/Challenger/Charger are going to blow up or anything. They will be handling their high horsepower just fine. Ford, when you get a couple of bucks together when things get better for you, you may want to modernize that rear end with an IRS.

  3. Apparently they were just slow coming out with this one. It should have debuted with the rest of the 2010 Mustang!

  4. Finally. Now how much more will it cost? If they keep the same price, why would one even bother with the GT? Does this imply the replacement for the 4.6 (I heard a new 5.0, anyone?) is also nigh?

    Oh and for the love of God, a 6-speed please. Then I'm sold, IRS or not.

  5. Ecoboost please.

    350HP V6 Mustang. Faster than the 4.6 GT, easier to tune, better gas mileage.


    Oh, and please hurry up with that 400HP Boss!

  6. Vince, we can take your "There is really no need for V8s anymore…" statement and say the same thing about V6 engined cars. I mean, we really could get away with a bunch of 1.0L two strokes, or 3 cylinder cars. Why would we "need" any more power?

  7. Vince, Vince, VINCE! No "need" for V8's? Ah! This is America, man… land of the free… which means that if battery-powered econo-cars that look like something 10 clowns would carpool to the circus in is your bag of giggles, we've got you covered. And similarly, if you get up every day and go to work and want to spend some of the outcome of that on $3 gas for a 525hp Shelby GT500 Mustang, then you ought to be able to do that too. 275hp is impressive for a V6 engine, as is 304hp from GM. But 300hp is hardly something to brag about to your buddies. Mustang is always going to need to have a V8 option. No amount of Ecoboosting is going to placate that car's base.

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