All new 2010 Ford Taurus on the road

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New pictures of the new Ford sedan.
It looks pretty impressive. But still a bit busy.
It also looks pretty big.
A large sedan with only V6 engines might not be exactly what most people want right now.
But if the price is right, and gas mileage decent….

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  1. Stick a Mustang GT V8 in there, and you've got the Police car of the future.


    At least taxicab companies are now getting incentives to use hybrids and diesel cars. I rode in a diesel jetta cab the other day.


  2. A neighbor just bought a Taurus last week and I am impressed at how it looks in front of their mid-century modern house. They have a $3.5M oceanfront weekend home but never buy pricy luxury cars. They traded a two year old ES because they said that they're only in their late 40s and it made them feel much older. I decided not to tell them that they should have waited for the SHO.

    I can't imagine a large sedan with anything smaller or larger than a V6. Especially when you can get a V6 that puts out over 300hp.

  3. This car is much improved over the old one. However I think its still gotta ways to go. This car will be very heavy, of course it is a very big car so that's to be expected. To me the tail lights are weird but that's probably just me. To me though the weirdest part of the car is the rear half of it, particularly the c pillar area. It does'nt look proportioned well. To me it looks like a car that they decided to make longer after they finished designing or building it the first time. The front half and the interior look great though.

    I just hope Ford is smart enough to put direct injection on all its normally aspirated engines…soon… DON'T JUST PUT D.I. IN THE HIGH PERFORMANCE ENGINES!!! It'll help them with the new cafe stuff and give them an edge on the competion. Bankrupt GM is already ahead of Ford with this. I hope Ford puts DI on their normally aspirated 4 and 6 cylinder engines.

  4. It does not look good in that gold color and the rear view is disappointing compared to the front. But overall it is much better than the bland Taurus/Five-Hundred it replaces.

  5. Looks really, really attractive! Good job Ford. And as for a large car with a busy design, I'd have to give that award to the Honda Accord. At least the new Taurus is a great looker! Can't say that for the Accord or Camry!

  6. That is why they sell the Ford Fusion to have the 4 cylinder the Taurus is too big of a car to have a 4 cylinder.

  7. I think it looks fantastic!

    I can't wait to drive the SHO myself. Ford has got their act together and is putting out some REALLY nice vehicles.

  8. imho these aren't the best superTaurus pix… …but really NO Photos do it justice – in person this car's styling is Perfect!! (I had a couple quibbles from pix-only too)

    as for a 4cyl — just wait for the 300hp 2.5 EcoBeast 🙂

  9. Looks great, a bit big, but we still want our roomy cars.

    Can't wait for the SHO reviews.

    The Chrysler 300 is a piece of crap.

  10. vince are u retarded "A large sedan with only V6 engines might not be exactly what most people want right now". Hello they have the fusion for that job….this is not the midsize taurus anymore, this is just their flagship model, i dont think ford is expection 400K sales each year out of this, its the fusions job– isnt fusion good enough with 4 powerplants!!! do u smoke pot and not think about shit!!! i like ur blog but some stuff u say is just a no brainer

  11. Just what the Dr. ordered! (the only blemish is that overwrought grill–which is easily replaced. Interior is MAGNIFICENT! Side and tail?–ditto! A camry-killer if ever there was one. And better resale & reliability than the (ever-slipping) Camry to boot!!!

  12. I can't wait to drive this, seriously.

    I had a 2008 Taurus Limited on my last vacation to Tucson, AZ for a week. What a fantastic highway car that was still somewhat capable on back roads. I loved everything about it and this new Taurus is supposed to be even better! I can't wait.

  13. Americans would rather have a SUV over a large sedan. this will be good for a rental car like the Impala.

  14. I love the look. Lot of cues from the great Galaxie's of the 60's and 70's, especially in the roofline and taillamps. Styling like this keeps Ford out of bankruptcy!

  15. "Anonymous said…
    Just include a V8 and this would be a great Crown Victoria replacement!"

    Why a V8 when the Ecoboost has 365??? That is more horsepower than any of Ford NA V8 engines.

    Get real.

  16. Lot of cues from the great Galaxie's of the 60's and 70's, especially in the roofline and taillamps.

    Could you please provide pictures to prove your point? I'm interested but just don't see it.

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