All new Citroen C3

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The C3 is a very popular car in Europe.
This all new redesigned model does look more upscale and even more modern than the current one.
We probably will never see Citroen in the US again, so if you want to see this car, you’ll have to go to Europe.

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  1. It simply looks like a shrunk C4… I thought they would come up with something a little more oringinal than that

  2. That is a pretty idiotic profile this car has, but they copied the Fiesta grill opening almost as good as the Chinese!

  3. I like the receding hairline, er, roof line. The arch to the belt line at the side windows is a nice touch, too. I'd drive one.

  4. The French were our allies in creating a new country free of British rule. Maybe they can also help save us from automotive boredom.

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