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Another weird Idea…
A 5 door version of the A5 coupe.
Why not make a hatch version of the “already 4 door” A4???

This seems to be so much more work to end up with pretty much the same thing.
Except they can charge much more than the A4 for it. Where does that put the A6 then??

Plus, a hatch should at least be more modern than that. Sure, it looks better than the strange and heavy new 5 series GT hatch, but still.
Nothing spectacular, or even remotely original…

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  1. The 5 series GT was nothing original either, Audi is simply showing BMW how to design niche cars beautifully. The more attractive cars Audi brings to the market, the better!

  2. This is soooooo much better looking than the new A4!
    It's like the VW CC vs Passat; not meant to be replacement of a 5 seat sedan but a cooler looking, less convenient (in between A4 and A5) car.
    Yes the price will be close to A6 but they are a different cars.

  3. I don;t understandd their naming scheme because A4 and A5 are basically the same car. The A5 name is just used more.

  4. I think we're all being fooled by a amateur photoshop exercise. Look closely at the roof, the rear and side window section and the rocker panel. It does not look real…C'mon Vince, come clean, you bought the program, didn't you?

  5. Hey Vince … That's one of our images.
    Please remove it … Thanks!!

    Brenda Priddy & Company

  6. Vince and Brenda Priddy, that is definitely a photoshop. The rear window lines (especially the top) were not consistent with the lines of the sheet metal (unless the window will droop on the driver's side) and you can tell that the entire car body was cut/pasted onto the pic.

    Not saying a Sportback wont happen, but that pic is a hoax as the poster before brenda says.

  7. If you've ever been in the regular A5, you will realize how tight it is in the back. Maybe this version will have a usable back seat? I think the chop looked good also

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