Audi A5 Sportback

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The 1st official picture. Just a teaser so far.
Audi has also mentioned that the US market will not get this car.

I guess they still think Americans don’t like hatchbacks…

Here is a teaser video.

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  1. If they slap "A6" on it, no one will know the ddifference and it will sell anyway. I wonder if they are worried about cannibalizing sales in the US. I find it disheartening that the A5 will have more variants than the A4. But like Volvo, it's really all the same underneath.

    Any more news on the C50/V30?

  2. Well officially they said it would financially not be worth it to export this car to the US. So the more expensive A7 sportback will…

    Acura, BMW, Porsche and others are all coming with new 'hatchbacks' or sportbacks whatever you'd call them. So seems they are betting on a comeback.

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