Audi A5 Sportback

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Almost naked this time.
And it’s really not that exciting, is it…
Looks more like a hatch version of the A4 than an A5.

We’re not missing much by not having it in the US.
We’ll get the larger A7.

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  1. What's the point? It's like the BMW where they seem to have done up the concept then tried to sell it to us as fashionable.

  2. For people who needs a wagon but not wanting a "wagon-ish" looking car, this is perfect! I for one want this car to be on sale here. And heck yea, this car looks so much better than the BMW GT.

  3. Come on Vince, the A5 is probably one of the best looking cars on the road tpoday. I bet you the sportback will look gorgeous as well.

  4. I like it. It's much better than the BMW or Porsche hatchsedans. This hatch looks almost sexy.

  5. I think actually looks great and pretty practical. Beats a wagon.

    Sure we get the A7 which will be $50K+. The A5 sportback will be cheaper than A5 in Europe (under $40K).

  6. I love the fastback concept. That's not to say I love these designs I've been seeing. But my next car will likely be one. Just not Audi or BMW's.

  7. Gorgeous! I want one. And I think the line is Audi is still considering the car for the US market. I say, yes please!!!

  8. I think it's quite sexy. And Americans kill me with the hatred of hatches, fastbacks and wagons. As if we all must drive 4-dr sedans and SUVs/crossovers.

  9. I like it. I like good looking hatchbacks. This beats the BMW 5 GT and the Panamera hands down. And it will be cheaper than either.

    Take a look at the Euro Mazda 6 hatch and wagon. They are gorgeous. EIther Mazda lacks confidence in their design or American's are sheep that only buy sedans, SUVs and minivans.

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