BMW 3 series GT coming up?

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I never heard of this one…
It seems pretty late to come up with a hatchback version of the current 3 series. unless this appears within the next few months.
And we haven’t seen any prototype of this testing around.
They might still be thinking about a hatch version of the next 3 series. Due out in a couple of years.
Why not?

I think it might work better than the weird and heavy looking 5 series GT….

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  1. As much as everyone seems to love the virtues of hatchback sedans, I don't think they look very good. A conventional wagon is cooler and a standard sedan is more stately looking. But this looks like some sort of confused dopey mess.

  2. It's a chop, Vic. Look at how the windshield integrates into the roof, and on the rear pic look at the shading that flows from the near fender into the rear of the hatch, plus the taillight lens is poorly done.

    Nonetheless, this would make a very very cool design – better than that 5 monstrosity or the X6 any day.

  3. A much better idea than the 5 series hatchback. But hatchbacks have not been popular here since the 80's and even if they make a resurgance, it will probably be more in the economy class than the luxury class.

  4. Not too bad, a little late true, maybe, but not too bad. Their backsides are gettin better though.

  5. Fake as fake can be. If I want versatility in a 3 series, I'll get the wagon.

    Ultimately for the future, I can see almost every manufacturer designing sedans to "look" like hatchbacks for better aerodynamics though…but without giving up the conventional trunk.

  6. Are they trying to "GT" us to death???!!!! Honda/Acura's joining the bandwagon with their own. Who's next??!!! This is insane!!!

  7. This thing looks like it weighs 5000 pounds. I like hatches a lot. I own one. But I like my hatches to look a little more like a sedan than this. I'll be suprised if this sells at all here in the USA.

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