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Just thought I would refresh everyone’s memory with these pictures of the Chinese version of the Opel Insignia, the Buick Regal.
Now that Buick US is officially calling it the Regal Concept in the US.
It does look like we will get this car over here.

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  1. This comes next year and the Lucerne goes away…Buick also gets a smaller SUV than the Enclave in 2 years.

    4 car brand…Pointless cars.

  2. AHHH, The excitement begins… GM has OUR MONEY the government gave them through bankruptcy and now the Chinese will be able to manufacture our cars and sell them back to us here in the states. Sounds like we lost the war and our manufacturing mite all in one attack! BOYCOTT GM MANUFACTURED PRODUCTS AT ALL COSTS to keep America alive!

  3. I wish they kept the Opel grill. It looks sportier with it. The Buick grill waters down the front end. The rest of the car looks great though.

  4. In London last month, I saw a few of these cars around Opel). They were sharply designed, elegantly executed, and distinctive. I kept imagining myself actually getting rid of my TL for this! It was really that nice! Good job GM…bring it on, but please rename it!

  5. The front passenger gets very little armrest. Might could just call it an elbow-rest.

    I'm picking. This car looks great. America should have it before anyone else.

  6. " and now the Chinese will be able to manufacture our cars and sell them back to us here in the states"

    I don't believe that anyone has said that the Chinese would be building the vehicles sold in the states. That would be completely idiotic of GM to do that. Terrible PR. Anyway, nice car. Not a great color.

  7. I don't get why Buick would want to bring this here. The Lacrosse uses the same platform, is the same size, is in the same price class, and looks better. Why would Buick want to offer two cars that target the exact same customer?

  8. Vince explained this awhile ago, the new LaCrosse is actually much larger than the Insignia/Regal even though they are on the same platform. There were similar plans to put the next Impala on a stretched Epilson II platform as well, but who knows if the Impala will exist for another generation.

  9. Even if the Regal is actually smaller than the Lacrosse, it still doesn't make sense to offer it in the U.S. Of course, I don't really understand why they are bothering to keep Buick and GMC at all since they have no unique products from Chevrolet and Cadillac. Where exactly does Buick fit in when the high end of the Chevy price range overlaps with the low end of the Caddy price range? Buick is nothing more than GM's Mercury, complete with waterfall grille. And Ford still has no clue what to do with Mercury. Sure Buick may be big in China, so just rebadge Chevys as Buicks for over there and drop Buick from the U.S.

  10. Too plain and boring.If GM wants to increase sales then this thing certainly won't help.

    If the world was as hard to please as you, there would be no cars sold.

    This is a handsome sedan. What more do you want?

  11. This is a smart looking car… Though this color and these wheels don't do it any favors. Right now, Buick doesn't need to worry about having too many good products and model overlap. The LaCrosse and the Lucerne are geezermobiles and this "Regal" is quite nice. Now if they just offer a sporty version (T-Type?)

  12. v-6james there are no Opel-badged cars in London or anywhere else in the UK, they carry Vauxhall badges there

  13. "Nice but not attractive enough to be a hit in an already saturated class. Just pointless."

    How could anyone look at this and then buy a Camry or an Accord? Hasn't the quality of Buicks been rated higher than Toyota for a couple years now? The Camry, like many Toyotas, is such a geeky unattractive car and the Accord has turned into an awkward land yacht that I don't see any reason to buy one these days.

  14. How could anyone look at this and then buy a Camry or an Accord? Hasn't the quality of Buicks been rated higher than Toyota for a couple years now?

    J. D. Powers closely watched annual study of vehicle quality found Monday that Ford, General Motors and Chrysler made strides last year but still lag behind their foreign competitors.

    The top two brands in the J.D. Power study were foreign cars: Lexus, Toyota's luxury line, and the Porsche. GM's Cadillac finished third.

    Toyota, which overtook GM last year as the world's biggest automaker, dominated the J.D. Power honors. It swept awards in 10 vehicle categories, and its plant in Japan that builds the Lexus SC 430 and Toyota Corolla took the award for top plant.

    For GM, only two brands performed above average: Cadillac and Chevrolet. The four brands it is purging in bankruptcy protection _ Pontiac, Saturn, Hummer and Saab _ were also its worst rated.

    "Is it where we need to be? No," said Jamie Hresko, GM's vice president for global quality. "To have our core brands _ Cadillac and Chevrolet _ be on par with Toyota, we have reached a level of quality that will allow us to change perceptions."

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