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Weird name for a weird car.
And it pretty much looks exactly the same as the concept they did in 2005.
Many people will this design weird and clunky. I actually like it.
For a Chinese car, it doesn’t look like anything else. A true original.

Sure, it’s not for everyone. Just like the Mini Cooper or the New Beetle.
Power comes from a 1.3 Liter engine.

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  1. The badge on the steering wheel even looks like a daewoo badge.
    This will more than likely end up with chevrolet or a GM associate badge on it.

  2. As ugly (and probably unsafe) as it is, there is actually some very innovative design ideas at work here. The doors are the same on each side and all the lights are identical left and right. All the wheels and wipers are the same. Even the front and rear bumpers are nearly identical. The parts symmetry also appears to carry over inside as well. This should be an extremely cheap car to build and buy.

  3. Looks like a disposable car just like most of the other cheap Chinese made crap I can think of.

    If its cheap and comes from China, you can pretty much be guaranteed it will break before you get much use out of it.

  4. This thing is retarded. I'd feel like an f'ing goof driving this thing. If this is the kind of ridiculous crap the Chinese can do when given a blank slate, then I'd prefer they just continue to copy others.

  5. Speaking of Mini Cooper– look at that steering wheel. Can anyone say copy? The air vents remind me of something out of a focus also.

  6. "If it were safe and sold in the US, it would sell faster than you could say Scion."

    I don't think any manufacturer wants Scions sad sales numbers.

  7. After being spotted in his new Chery QQme, he has thought of 'kill kill me NOW' suicidal tendency.

  8. After being spotted in his new Chery QQme, he has thought of 'kill kill me NOW' suicidal tendency.

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