Chevrolet Sail

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So far the Sail is mainly for the Chinese market.
But it does look like some new Aveo of some sort to me.
So we might actually get this over here one way or another.

I’m sure the “new GM” will try to import any small car they make and see what sticks.
This looks like it came out about 10 years ago.
Pretty much like most compact sedans out there….

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  1. Come on Vince! Enough with the cheap chinsy econo-crap already! LET'S SEE SOME AUTOMOBILES! Jaguar/Cadillac/BMW-7/Lincoln/Chrysler 300/Mustang/Challenger/Ferrari/Masarati/Rolls/Bently. If it's not at least 15' long (or at least 250HP) it's NOT a car! If I wanted to see appliances and golf carts I'd be on the Tru-Value web site!

  2. Why the hell can't people get that Daewoo IS GM? Has been for the better part of a decade. I swear some people are just idiots.

  3. Yes but GM source cheap rubbish vehicles from korea and rebadge them as their own. what a cheap and nasty copout. How about chevrolet build their own small cars that are designed in america.
    Might produce some jobs.

  4. Do vehicles that are designed and produced primarily for the Korean or Chinese market ever do well in the US? Or in Europe? It's not a rhetorical question, I really don't know. But maybe it's not out of the question. This doesn't look too impressive.

  5. i hate gm: Again, these cars are built by GM. Chevrolets can and are built at multiple factories around the world. Just because it's designed and built at a Korean factory doesn't mean it's a rebadge job or not a Chevrolet. It's a Chevrolet built in Korea. Deal with it. It would be a rebadge job only if it was sold in the U.S. under multiple U.S. brands, like the Aveo/G3. No manufacturer can afford to build small cars in the U.S. And why should GM bother using its U.S. design talents on a car that will be primarily targeted at Asian markets?

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