E class Shooting Brake coming up?

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Apparently, Mercedes will produce a 2 door wagon version of the new E class coupe. Similar to the concept we saw a few months ago.
Great news!

This is by far the best looking version of the new E class. Plus, I do miss the idea of 2 door wagons.
What ever happened to the super cool Chevy Nomad concept based on the Solstice? Remember?

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  1. As I said about the design elsewhere, "brake" must mean "heroine" in Stuttgart and "shooting brake" must be what Mercedes designers do all day.

    Yet another atrocious vehicle … that's the way the Mercedes Benz.

  2. Ok so it does look good, even cool. But what is the purpose of building a 2 door wagon? After all this is still a wagon and the majority of buyers in this segment are still going to need 4 doors, to go on long trips and home depot with the wife, rug rats and dog(s)!

    As much as I like it, this can only have limited appeal. From a practical, business, standpoint it just doesn't cut it.

    I wonder how much marketing and testing Mercedes did before their top execs (read bean counters and suits)signed off on this one trick pony!

  3. Remember, GM only produces a few great cars and pretends it is the best car maker in the whole world and then rests on its failed and miserable laurels.

  4. I think this is one of the nicest cars designed by Mercedes Benz. I would love having a two-door wagon. Not everyone has kids to drive around.

  5. This is the anti-suv, not like the BMW X6. Finally a return to style, sure it is not for everyone, but isn't that the point?

  6. After the safety engineers put real bumpers on this thing, add needed support to the C pillar, and put sensible shoes on this car, the real beauty of the design will be thwarted. The people complaining that this car is not sensible probably miss the point of all the convertibles MB sells. Why does every car have to be sensible?

  7. I dunno, I used to have a 2-door wagon… heh, it was a Pinto wagon! Actually, that car would've been great if it had power, or handling, or reliability… Anyway from the perspective of a "young" (early 20's) person, I'd love a 2-door wagon that has some get up 'n' go to it. Might even be my ideal car. Just… not a Mercedes, 'cause I'll never be able to afford one.

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