Geely to own Volvo???

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According to rumors from China, Ford would already have an agreement to sell Volvo to the Chinese car maker Geely.
How weird… (At least Saab is staying Swedish)

They are also saying that Volvo might relocate the XC90 production line in China. That could mean Chinese made Volvos could find their ways in the west sooner than later.

I just don’t know what to think about this…

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  1. I think Ford should hold onto Volvo. Think of all the great ford products that came out of it! The opposite was true of Saab and you see how that ended up.

  2. Ford should hold on to Volvo. My parents have two Volvos an S40 and an S60 which they love. They each bought their cars because they wanted to own a European car that wasn't a BMW. Supporting an American brand was a pleasant bonus that they didn't realize until after the fact. After emailing this to them they said they'd abandon the Volvo brand if the sale to the Chinese goes through. Volvo owners want nothing to do with the Chinese, which is mass and cheap. Volvo is one Ford brand that is working and profitable. Brand advocates will migrate to SAABs, Audis and Subarus.

  3. There has to be other mfg's interested in a company like Volvo. It would be an absolute disaster with Chinese ownership.

  4. There has to be other mfg's interested in a company like Volvo. It would be an absolute disaster with Chinese ownership.

  5. I don't understand selling Volvo. Volvo seemed to mesh so well with Ford, and they were able to develop completely unique products off the same platform (S-40/Focus, S-80/Taurus & Flex) saving development money, but also covering multiple markets as it wasn't transparent badge engineering. Volvo can certain help any Chinese company with safety….but with a Chinese company calling the shots….will Volvo be able to remain Volvo? I think Ford actually helped Volvo – they have a much larger product range now. I don't think I'd be comfortable buying a Volvo that had any Geely DNA in it. It will be interesting what happens to Jaguar/Land Rover, and their new owners Tata. I think it will preview what happens with Volvo.

  6. Ford should keep Volvo, without a doubt.
    They need at least one premium vehicle manufacturer in their portfolio that isn't Lincoln.

  7. I have owned 5 Volvos and am a huge fan of them. I really wish they could go back to Sweded like SAAB. If Geely becomes the new owner…I'll have to move on. That will be the death of VOLVO and a great brand.

  8. Personally, I would have sold Volvo, shut down Mercury, sold Landrover and AM. Then built up Ford and Lincoln, keep the coming on strong Jag and bought more Mazda. The problem with Volvo is they have a very nice line up and they are still losing market share and money! They are in a no man's land, more upscale than Ford, but not considered at the level of a Mercedes, Lexus, BMW or Jag.

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