GM’s Chapter 11 commercial

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Seems like a weird idea.
Also seems like they were preparing this for a while. Making this commercial and all.

Meet the new GM: Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac.

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  1. Actually, this commercial was brilliant. It was no-nonsense and motivational and it conveyed in 60 seconds exactly what GM needs to do. I hope it all works, because I bought the stock when it was at around $4 thinking it wouldn’t go any lower.

  2. Well, I hope things go well for them. I don’t like to see people lose their jobs and they are coming out with some good products now, so it would be a shame if they closed up shop. When the heck did 8 seperate companies EVER make sense? Even still I think they should get rid of Buick (US) and GMC. GMC especially! It’s an unnecessary redundancy! Anyway, what do I know. John M just pawn in game of life.

  3. Now that we own GM. GM should do something for us …

    To clear out inventory, GM should hold a national lottery to give away all vehicles on every lot. Using SSN from the SS admin (they have access to it since the gov't runs both). One per family even if two or more SSN picks from the same family. If won, you can turn it down if wished.

    This is a good way to bring in new customers. Dealers get more traffic at service bay. The IRS get tax from the winning. You get a new car!

    Everyone wins!!!

  4. i think this is an internal pr video not meant for regular television… just has that unpolished feel to it…

  5. A piece of advice GM.
    To avoid ongoing cash problems …

    Just because you can make an advertisment dosn’t mean you need to.

    In fact you probably should sack the people that decided to make it.
    More people designing cars less people designing Bull****.

  6. Good ad and needed to comfort the public. GM is still in business, and honest advertising will be part of the company’s recovery.

    GMC is redundant. Why sell the same vehicles under both Chevy and GMC brands?

    Any prospective GM truck buyer who believes there’s a difference between Chevy and GMC–especially when GM dealers are selling every vehicle the company makes–are stupid. Brand loyalty is good, stupidity isn’t.

    While GM is killing its bad past practices, it should kill badge engineering forever.

  7. Badge engineering and bebadging will always come back to haunt. Especially the scale GM does it…

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