Hummer goes Chinese

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Hummer is being sold to a Chinese company.Not even a car company but a Chinese industrial company called ” Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machinery Company Ltd.”. So there…

It was just a matter of time for the Chinese to either sell their cars here, or buy one of our brands.
Even though for the time being Hummers will still be produced in the US, that might change in a few years….

What do you think???

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  1. Like getting a mill stone off GM’s back.

    Considering the growth of the Chinese auto market, Hummer is probably a good buy and for GM a good bye!

  2. Sad. Hummer was the hero of desert storm just like Jeep was in WW2. Now the Commies owns the symbol of freedom. Their leader must be laughing and are just waiting to take over the entire USA. Maybe America will become an administrative region of China just like Hong Kong.

  3. They don’t need to build military vehicles for America. GM licensed the Hummer brand only from AM General. AM General has always built the military HMMWV (Humvee) and will keep building them.

  4. just like the Chinese to pursue poluting irresponsible technology. Beijing smog makes LA air look healthy by comparison.

  5. Hummers are disgusting! Unnecessarily big and not at all fuel efficient! You Americans should look at the Honda Fit! Fantastic car is you ask me or a Yaris! In Europe we don’t see the point in buying big ugly SUV’s with crap fuel economy! I think slowly but surely America will begin to come around to the idea of smaller cars!

  6. Since most people that bought Hummers before were self centered traitors, they will probably be happy to buy from the Chinese as the fund the build up of their Army to invade us.

  7. I am kinda sad to see the Hummer name go but I always thought that the big H2 was just a little too much. I wonder if they will build Hybrid versions and get the MPG up to 25-30 or make the car out of plastic like they do with everything else that comes from China.

  8. I dont think we should give or sell a f'n thing to the Chinese. If we (The People) bought this through the govt loans and buyout, why cant that portion just be forgiven and let the chinese find their own manufacturing ability for things that can be converted to military use?

  9. What the heck, they already make toy Hummer …

    It is sad though that the Communist China will own a big portion of the USA. I think it is time for me to sign up for Mandarin classes 🙁

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