New honda CRX coming up???

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And it would be called the CRZ.
And be very similar to the concept we’ve seen before.
It will basically be a sportier coupe version of the new Insight.

Finally, a sporty Hybrid. That could be a really nice and fun car.

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  1. Yes confirmed several months ago and production model will be shown in Oct at Tokyo Motor Show. Price will be about $21K in Japan and supposedly same engine as Insight.

    It looks more like a small Euro Civic hatchback so I have higher hopes with the Supra Hybrid ('11). But we'll see.

  2. Yeah, because sports hybrids are really pushing the automotive envelope.

    Why not more full electrics, biodiesels, or fuel cells?

  3. It looks like a more upright S2000 in the front end. I'm hoping they dont go with the original concept design… it just left me cold. I love this! As long as they dont cheap out in the execution and the accessories to bring the price down.

  4. i like the concept better…guess it's too late now

    they need to keep this affordable in the spirit of the original CRX if that means a somewhat stripped version, I'm for that (in fact, I prefer that cuz I don't like my cars loaded up with modern electrical wizardries: roll down windows work best for me, no cruise control for me, just A/C and a powered sunroof are my only indulgences)

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