New revised Hyundai Accent pictures

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Now, with babes…

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  1. Only in Asian countries right?

    They have not broken ground with Asian babes in ads here in the States.

  2. The hottest women in the world would never get me to buy a car that ugly, no matter what they were offering.

  3. The new front looks like Hyundais version of the Batmobile. And i have an idea, why they put all the Babes next to the car. These cute girls hide the boring side profile.

    Overall, i really like the new design. Not only, because it is so radically different from anything else in its class, but also because there is no chance that we will get it over here.

    Maybe Hyundai tried to hard on this and the startling front will make the rest of the car look old?!

  4. Anonymous said…
    An Asian girl with jugs? Seriously?

    June 5, 2009 6:03 AM

    I know, its great isnt it.

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