Next BMW 1 series???

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This illustration shows how the next small 1 series could look like.
And it does seem pretty realistic. And boring.
The 1 series hatch came out in Europe in 2004. So a new one is due out pretty soon.
We only get the “way overpriced” coupe and convertible versions in the US. With the same engines offered in the 3 series.
A weird and stupid move from BMW.
Remember when, a few years ago, they were supposed to be working on a sedan version? Mainly for the US market.
Where is it???

The next 1 is still supposed to be available as a sedan. (Toe better compete with the next Audi A3, also offered as a sedan).
So we might be getting it on top of the coupe and convertible. And smaller engines will also be offered, finally.
Making it a true “Compact BMW”.

And maybe it’ll be almost affordable…

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  1. I've grown to like the widemouth bass Audi grille. When they grafted it onto the perfectly proportioned B6 A4 and called it the B7, I didn't like it. But on the new B8 platform A4 and S5, the big grille is perfect. But I still can't stand the pig snout look of BMWs and it hasn't looked good on any car they've built. It's a branding element that looks heavy-handed and desperate. The grille slats remind me of nose hair. The rest of this car is boring and predictable.

  2. Bangle design direction for BMW is the reason it looks so bad. BMW is still continuing bad design.

    But I'd say this is drab, not boring. Might be the color.

  3. burlapp i like it how you described this image as boring: what did you expect a small hatch to look like? a Veyron? Besides this is fake, mark my words

  4. Wow, people. Don't criticize Bangle for this design. Because he didn't design it. Nor did BMW. This is just a photoshop of the new Z4 with a current 1-series rear-end grafted on to it.

    Anyone else notice the front end is far too long for the rest of the car?

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