R.I.P : Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid

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A car that should have never been produced.

I was very impressed by the Malibu when I went to the press event in Memphis as the new Chevrolet was being introduced.
But really, the worse version was the “Hybrid”. Which saved only 2mpg compared to the regular 2.4 Liter model.
And now that the 2.4 Liter is available with a 6 speed auto, I bet it got similar or even better mileage than the “Light” hybrid version.
Same story with the Saturn Vue Hybrid. Too much money was spent in useless models like these two.

GM’s 2.4 Liter engine and 6 speed auto is a great combo. In any car they use it.

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  1. A light hybrid was NOT what they should have produced.

    I remember reading a test between an Honda Accord LX and the Malibu Hybrid and the Accord was matching its mileage figures. Why would you pay a premium for a car that isn't netting you a mileage increase?

  2. Who cares?? GM is owned by the government and unions, the two groups of people most responsible in the destruction the GM. I will never buy a GM or Cry-sler ever again.

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