Saturn Vue as Chevrolet?

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Ever wondered how the Saturn Vue would look like as a Chevy?
Well here it is. As a new 2010 model. In Brazil…

The Vue is one of the few models Saturn’s new owner will keep selling for a couple of years. Like the Aura.
And the new Equinox would prevent it from being sold as a Chevrolet in the US anyway.

But still, not bad looking…

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  1. The Vue is nice but it is a fat heavy pig. It is almost 4,000 pounds for a compact CUV. Unacceptable and so is the fuel mileage that it returns.

  2. It's actually not a Daewoo but a German Opel Antara.

    It's not financially viable in the US. Canada, Mexico maybe…as a hybrid where they don't need the ridiculously big Equinox…oui. si.

    Do they sell this already in Australia and New Zealand? What about South America?

  3. They do sell these in Australia and New Zealand under the Holden brand…and they roll out of a daewoo factory.

  4. "Anonymous said…
    It is already the new Equinox.
    32 MPG highway for this "pig"."

    Check the fuel mileage figures for the V6 models, then check the forums for what the owners are actually getting. Nowhere NEAR what is listed.

    Good luck to GM for getting the Equinox to hit 32MPG and still drive nice. Four cylinder and an automatic that upshifts at 2000RPM and refuses to downshift. It will be awful to drive.

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