Toyota/Subaru coupe

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Yet another illustration of the upcoming small 2+2 coupe.
Probably wrong.
Subaru might offer an STI version of the car.

Apparently, both the Subaru and the Toyota would share the same design, with minor differences like the front end etc…

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  1. So, is this the next Genesis coupe competitor? Another pimple faced fast-n-furious nerdmobile? Big deal.

  2. Hey Vince,This is just a Flash in the Pan for both companies, just like the big news announced today that Fiat will keep the PT Crusier in Chryslers lineup until December 2010! Let's all party like it's 1999!

  3. i donno guys

    i think it is the LFA

    just see the tail lights and the place of the front sign

    and the pillars and roof

    really i hope i am wrong!!!!!!!

  4. Every time an illustration is released of this car-llaboration it looks different. I wonder how many more ideas they'll come up with before they finally settle on one. And given Toyota & Subaru's "designs" as of late it'll no doubt be butt-ugly.

  5. This is not an leaked illustration by Toyota but by 7tune I believe. So pure speculation and measurements don't match the illustration (will be small).

    For some reasons those designers are able to design really great looking cars unlike Toyota unfortunately so far:-(.

    Toyota indicated earlier it may postpone this car until 2012:-(… Let's hope they change their mind.

  6. Toyota execs must have influenced this attractive coupe. Subaru designers came up with current STI and Tribeca dogs.
    Heads should roll to those who oversee past Subaru designs. This one is a winner though.

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