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Fiat is hanging a 500 Convertible at the Frankfurt Airport as part of a promotion in Germany.
A cute gimmick.
Why not.

The 500 is coming over here in a bit over a year.

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  1. As long as they drained out the petrol, oil, fluids etc first.
    Otherwise theres a mess to clean up.

  2. FRA is a great airport.

    Great promotion in a busy airport. I'll be there in two weeks myself!


  3. "A car for the weaklings"?

    WTF? Macho complex much?
    Don't take it out on other people
    just because you have a small penis.

  4. "Anonymous said…
    A car for the weaklings."

    Ummm, what?

    Because driving a large vehicle makes you stronger.


  5. Upside down– speaking of loans on econo-cars; it will be just as stupid a financial choice as Prius — and probally just as profitable a success!

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