2010 Audi A5 Sportback official pictures

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We’ve seen so much of this car already, there are no surprises.
Basically an A4 with a hatch, and some of the lines of the A5 so they can price it above the A4.

Again, not for us…

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  1. OK so let me get this straight. The 5 door BMW 3 series and X6 we get. 2 cars so repulsive that I would rather have someone poke me in the eye than look at them. But THIS car. A good looking 5 door from Audi…..we don't get. Did I get that right? Manufacturers wonder why 5 doors don't sell well in the USA? It does'nt take a rocket scientist to figure that one out. The answer is simply this. It's because these manufacturers always…GIVE US THE CRAPPY LOOKING 5 DOORS!!! IF THEY GAVE US THE GOOD LOOKING ONES (Mazda 6 5 door for another example) WE'D PROBABLY BUY THE FREAKIN' THINGS!!!

    Sorry for yelling. It's a sore subject with me.

  2. wow i didn't think it would happen…but audi is very quickly becoming MB and BMW…

    ….all things for all people. this design isn't even easy on the eyes. it's awful.

  3. It looks nice – predictable – but nice.
    I think I might be getting a bit tired of this 4-door coupe thing, though. They all share pretty much exactly the same roof line… can we push the envelope a bit, please?

  4. Audi dont even sell in the USA. Why do they even bother.
    High priced nothing mobiles.
    Audi will go the way of Saab.

  5. for some reason it looks like a bloated and blinged out elantra with all those curves. not for me.

  6. All that fuss for this? I mean it's pretty and all, but it's basically like a Saloon Mondeo vs. a Touring.

  7. Does anyone know how many cars in Europe Skoda sold with the Trunk/hatch feature? Why not just offer that feature as an option on all sedans and be done with it. Why bother selling both a sedan and a hatch? The basic line up should be just a 2 door, 4door, and wagon.

  8. I agree with 7/16/09 6:58pm. That is a great feature. Did I hear that the BMW 3 series 5 door was going to have that feature?

  9. Sedan vs trunk hatch in Europe varies per country but generally speaking in several countries 'liftback' version are more popular than 'sedan' version (especially for Japanese brands).
    One big plus is more cargo space (sure you could buy a wagon but typically looks more boxy and more popular in Europe for business owners).

    Regarding pricing it's priced at the A5 level. I'd love to see the A5 in the US. A3/A4/A6 designs are really not that exciting compared to this.

    You can see much better pictures here including cargo space: https://myprivacy.dpgmedia.nl/consent?siteKey=ujm6mv0jrqiz5syr&callbackUrl=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.autoweek.nl%2Fprivacygate-confirm%3FredirectUri%3D%252Fspecials.php%253Fid%253D465

    For US we'll get the more expensive A7:-(.

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