2010 Hyundai Sonata

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Looks like the all new Sonata will be getting a glass roof option.

That’s pretty much a first in the US for that type of cars (The Maxima is a class above, at least in price)
If they do offer it in the US that is. The Honda Fit has it overseas but not here.
Plus, it is something the competition does not offer in the US. The upcoming Honda Accord hatch will have that option, but not the sedan.

With avery new detail coming out, it looks like the new Sonata might be a formidable competition for the established players.

With the Genesis and new Sonata, Hyundai might finally be getting some of the respect it deserves…

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  1. Hyundai is already getting some well-deserved respect. You're behind the times, Vince. Get with the program! Both the present and the future look very bright for Hyundai.

  2. As I was driving down HWY 18 in from Big Bear Lake in Southern California, several Sonata's in camo were going up the mountain. They look really sleek in person. Sorry, no pics as I was driving.

  3. Nice moonroof. It'll weigh a lot though and make the car a bit top heavy. Hyundai…lose the camo already!!! I'm looking forward to finally seeing this car but I think we all have it about figured out as to what it'll look like.

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