2010 Jaguar XJ Video

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Notice how they really try to avoid the rear of the car. And they especially don’t spend much time on these weird looking black panels.
That means they know. They know it looks really bad. The rest of the car is actually OK. The front looks really nice.
That’s why they have so many shots of it.

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  1. That rear end is very much inspired by the Citroën C6, isn't it? Doesn't feel Jaguar for me. But the front end, just beautiful.

  2. Some of the most beautiful things in the world were the most controversial when they came out. To cause a hate/love reaction means that you have made people acknowledge your design. Many people who don't like it will end up loving it. It is different – it is controversial and it removes Jaguar from its past. The cars may have been purported to be beautiful and elegant, but most people who look at old Jags remember the problems. This pushes the mark in an instant new direction.

  3. Good god Vince… Chill. This car looks great. While the back doesn't look 100% in the pics, I will reserve judgment until I see it in person.

  4. it may look nice actually.
    but i dont get why they tried to make it look like a 4-door coupe.

    also, this reminds me of the porsche panamera. everyone said it looks bad. but the videos and most comments from reviewers are good.

  5. So what IS the deal with those black panels on the c pillars? Did they happen to have a huge surplus of them and then realize…oh crap….we have way too many of these things. I know …lets put them on the new pretty car so we can get rid of them. No one will ever notice. Or did some middle management moron get a great deal on 8 million gross of them on ebay or something?

    I hope Jaguar DOES realize how stupid these panels look. They're kinda like a HUGE red pimple on a supermodels face. What stupid dipstick thought these would be a great idea and look good? Yeah…you'd HAVE to buy this car in black. Unless they come in white or silver on the black cars. CRAP….I hope I did'nt just give said middle management moron a new idea there.

  6. This car has Amanda Holden's face- (after some light Botox and maybe a jowl-lift) and Susan Boyle's arse. I hope they're working on a fanny-lift straightaway!! Nice interior, Alfa.

    This car is frumpy, matronly and confused.. I'm so disappointed.. I hate to sound like a clichéd pompous-ass, but this car is such a missed-opportunity!


  7. I will wait to see on to pass judgement also, but I will say it is not photogenic. It looks too large to have such a steeply raked rear window. Reminds me of the Chevys, Fords and Buicks of the late 60's that tried to copy the fastback look. The rear of it reminds me of the Lancia Thesis, only not as pretty. I have to give Jag credit, it did get attention, judging by all of the comments posted so far.

  8. Hey Vince! Many people stated that the XJ has the Lincoln MKS taillamps or Citroen….but it has the damn near identical Kia Amanti taillamps and rear end! Go figure?

  9. I'm siding with the "lovers" rather than the "haters". I think it's a wonderful iteration of the classic 6-window Saloons with the tapered boot and narrow taillamps. It's classic and sleek, aggressive yet reserved, silk and fire at once. I'm sure we won't see many of these right off in the States, but I bet the first one you see will spin your head, leave you gaping and not even noticing the black C-pillar. I say Jolly-Good Jaguar…the legend lives for another day!

  10. I saw a current or older XJ today (no idea which year OR DECADE)
    & the tail lights weren't drastically different in overall shape: square-ish, not very wide…
    the main difference was they weren't as pretty as the new one's 😉

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