2012 BMW 3 series?

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Just another illustration.
There will be plenty of them coming up within the next couple of years.

It does look nice and realistic. But nothing amazing, really. Just like the current one. it’s OK.
The coupe looks so much better than the sedan.

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  1. This version is much nicer than the current one. Love the front, but interested to see the rear view.

  2. From my time with Mazda and rumors running around the internet, the next Miata/MX-5 will be smaller rather than a second model being created. The concept is to take the car back to something more in line with the first gen car.

  3. Vince, I agree with your points. I would add that the 3 series needs to grow a bit in legth and width. Right now its size is like a Civic. Tall dudes in them look like they drive a go-cart

  4. I really can't wait for BMW to come up with a new grille design. I hate the way the cartoonish thing has been enlarged to take up so much of the front. It looks like a pig.

  5. I see a lot of the X1 in this…..and I think the X1 is hot, particularly the front end….so if the ACTUAL new 3-series does have this look BMW will have a hit.

    This rendering is aggressive, and a bit radical from the current body style…….guys thats a good thing! Why not as radical as the current 5-series was from its predecessor. I unlike many think the enlarged kidney grille works for the BMW brand….would I like to see it on a BMW sports car, not really. but it works on the new 7-series, the X1, and it looks good on this.

    Think about it when Audi switched to the shield like grille (some refer to it in my part of the country as the wide mouth bass grille) many hated it, but it grew on people and now the Audi look has made the brand even more profitable and has been noted as some o the sexiest cars in recent times. So BMW is really starting to branch out with great design! Good for them! And if you do like it, suck it! This is the opinion of the autoenthusiast!

  6. And if you do like it, suck it! This is the opinion of the autoenthusiast!

    July 1, 2009 9:08 AM

    well we dont like it then. So we don't have to suck it.

  7. The V on the hood says "1966 Chrysler 300" but everything else says generic 3-series from 1995-2010. Yawn.

  8. For me this could be the bestlooking 3-Series of all time. I like the clean look of it. There were enough experiments in the last years. And you should remember that the 3-Series is essential for BMW'S fate. This model cannot fail, it has to be a success as it is the most important model for BMW. The same goes for VW's Golf, although that one could really be more exciting.

  9. Is this what all cars from Europe will look like with the EU regulations on pedestrian friendly design ?

  10. I have been to Europe. They do not look before they cross the street. No goofy front-end design is going to save their stoopid sorry butts. Let Darwin win!

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