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Again, this is supposed to make it over here. I guess the main competition will be from the Audi A3.
Unless it can be made in the US cheap enough to go against a loaded Mazda3.

We’ll see…

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  1. If it's made here, which I believe it will be at one of the many Chrysler plants, I think it will be aimed at the VW Golf and not the A3. With the announcement this week that Alfas will be rebadged as Dodges here, this will need to enter the market at a lower price point. Fiat and Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne sees the two brands as similar. Frankly, he's nuts if he really believes this.

    BTW, where are the rear door handles?

  2. The rear handles are just behind the window in the C-pillar, kinda like the Chevy Spark will be.

  3. Alfa has the hidden rear door handles for over a decade already. I'm a huge fan of Alfa Romeo and their design, but I have to say that the Milano is not near as beautiful and sharp as its predecessor 147. It's looks just too long and kinda boring 🙁 Have to see in real life, hope it looks much better in person. However, surely it still looks better than almost all other cars in the competition, but the 147 was just one of the most beautiful cars of all times.

  4. What the Subaru Imprezza would have looked with the propeller type front grill if they continued to use it.

  5. this looks aweful.
    alfa romeo is supposed to be a sporty brand much like BMW…..
    this looks like a fiat with a alfa romeo badge.

  6. Chevrolet guy,

    thanks. I was looking at the pic in more depth last night and suspected that was the case.

    I know I'm going to get flamed for this but I think alfa has a better name than dodge. I think that alfas should remain alfas and take on Audi/ VW while dodge should become a truck/ suv/ cuv division.

    The jeep line could be paired down to the wrangler lineup and maybe the grand cherokee.

    Chrysler should be larger, rear drive, American cars with a more luxury orientation than alfa.

    Fiat, if it were to make it here coulD take on VW directly and thus allow alfa to stay upmarket against Audi and BMW.

    The American brands should be little more than niche lines with maybe 2-4 vehicles in each. They could all be combined into 1 showroom. Alfa and fiat shouldn't be sold with the Chrysler products as it dullutes the demographics of the buyers too much.

  7. The US should be getting a sedan if I'm not mistaken. And why would they sell it as a Dodge instead of an Alfa?

  8. wallabyguy said…
    "…Fiat, if it were to make it here coulD take on VW directly and thus allow alfa to stay upmarket against Audi and BMW…"

    mainly agree,
    add in the words "not-over-priced"("-like-the-Germans") IMHO
    maybe use "Lancia-America" for models larger than the A4/3'er?
    ((can't help but think of Audi & BMW as their smaller models paying-the-way for all their bigger ones = practically 2 brands in one anyway))
    none of ^this^ directly fixes Chrysler-Dodge imho

  9. chrysler will f*k this thing up by attaching the fugly dodge caliber face onto it, and becauase of that most ppl will not even notice this car's existence let alone notice it being a new european model. the best thing is that the guy who came up with the amazing idea of attaching the fugly dodge face to this car will probably get a nice end of year bonus from your tax dollar.

  10. Word around Delaware is they will reopen the Newark De plant for Fiats to export to EUI don't think US is ready for this design so it better have strong credentials in other areas including pice.

  11. This thing is laughable…No wonder Italian men emmigrate to America…To escape immature/effeminate cars.

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