Audi A5 sportback

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Again, nothing original.
It just looks like an Audi A4 with a hatch.

And it i still not planned for the US…

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  1. I don't know why they don't just call it an A4 sportback. The A4 has four doors and the A5 has two. Why confuse the issue?

  2. The Tesla Sedan design came out long after the A5 Sportback, the A7 Sportback, not to mention the Mercedes CLS and VW CC.

  3. Dumb. All these sport backs – acura zdx, x6've got to be 5 feet talk to get in and out of the back seat and not clip your skull.

  4. Vince, it looks like an Audi because it is an Audi… Duh!! Audi has grown immensley using a simple, but elegent design theme for all of their cars. Yes, they have similar character lines and design cues that span their whole line up, that is for a reason. That is how you build consistant design language. Similar in the family, but unique compared to the competition.

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