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Just another illustration of what the compact Audi SUV could look like.
I thought the Q5 was supposed to be the
compact Audi SUV”, I guess not.
The Q5’s base engine is the GTI’s 2.0 Liter Turbo.
And I can’t really imagine this one getting a smaller engine. Just like the A3 and A4 I guess.

BMW is getting the X1 and Mercedes is also working on something smaller than the GLK, so why not a Q3?

All these SUVs coming out, just when most people are switching back to cars….

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  1. Well Vince, I think the A3 won't be the smallest Audi has been talking about an Q1 crossover for a while….so more than likely it will ride on a modified A3 platform. Audi is on a roll but I see them tinkering with Audi grille making it with six sides versus the five sides grille….first saw it on the A7 sportback concept….it doesn't look as nice.

    Either ways if they are going to do SUV's/crossovers smaller seems the route to go.

  2. sure they all want small SUV's. its hard to charge a premium for a smaller car. And it wont look like that…all their concepts look sleek, but show up in the same square shouldered format.

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