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The new Excelle will be based on the Opel Astra. A sedan version will still be offered, just like the old model.
The Excelle has been, so far, an exclusive model for the Chinese market.
But there has been rumored about bringing the small Buick to the US where it would be positioned under the upcoming Regal.

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  1. well imho,
    the important thing is that the Astra will be available in the U.S.
    (with all the Euro options this time!)
    tho I don't personally believe Buick would have been the best Brand to utilize it…
    …what else do they have left in the "bit nicer than" category?

    Welcome aboard, Excelle!

  2. Let me be the first to say that its ugly like hell…peopley who say they like it are retard

    I like it, and I can spell "people." 😉

    Buick's image is all over the map. What exactly is the image they're trying to sell? They don't have cars I'd want because I don't want to say I own a Buick. If they can successfully turn around the brand, I'd consider something like this Astra-based Excelle. Buicks have certainly been highly rated in quality (if what you read is believable).

  3. Doesnt make sense. Why "dumb" down the the new image of Buick with an econobox that should just be a chevy?

  4. Yeah, because all hatchbacks are econoboxes.

    What's up with all these snobby taste police commenting here?

  5. Trying to pull in the teenagers into the Buick brand with a Saturn,,,errrr,,,Buick Astra. Yeah…Thattle-work.

  6. I think this car is more than just a warmed over Cruze. Americans are ready for premium compact cars. I drive a 2008 civic EX-L and when the camo comes off & I have a chancce to test drive one. I hope GM gives int 2 engine options the 1.4 L trubo & hopefull a 24.l direct injection 4 cylinder. & I hope they make this a cut above the average Civic, Corrolla, Sentra & the Mazda Mazda3. Can't wait for the oportunity to drive this car & if it lives up to my expections I'm ready to write my check in full for that handsome 5 door hatch. Just give it the luxy touches it deserves. Standard leather, navi, bluetooth a 6 speed automatic tranny. Just makek it well built & reliable. One thing that turned me off about GM products in the past is that they were released to the buing public before they were ready, Get this one right out of the box & you will have a winner on your hands.

  7. I guess GM just don't ever learn don't they? haven't they try to sell it as Saturn before? and if that didn't go well, u think change a name will do? what is it have they been smoking?? China is a country that anything will sell as long as you call it Buick, but not here!

  8. Let me be the first to say that its ugly like hell…peopley who say they like it are retard

    C'mon Douchebag Jones, we know its really you

  9. Some of the uninformed, biased posts about this car (and on this forum in general) never cease to amaze me. Here we have an all new car (except for the name) on a significantly modified and updated Delta platform and people on this forum are already declaring it as a failure. Unbelievable! An Astra based compact Buick 5-door could significantly undermine the Audi A3 if executed correctly. An Astra based compact Buick sedan could do the same to the Volvo S40. The premium near luxury compact segment is really an uncrowded segment on which Buick could really capitalize. Buick just needs to avoid using the "Astra" name since Saturn has already had a failure with that name.

    I know the Saturn Astra was a total failure in the U.S., but it was due to a variety of reasons. From the limited info that has been released about this car so far, I think this upcoming next gen version will have the goods and the appropriate brand that will enable it to be a success in the U.S. It seems a little ridiculous to label it a failure due to an underperforming previous version that was outdated and not properly engineered/designed/equipped to compete in the U.S. market (among some other issues).

  10. Now BUICK has a cheap ugly hunchback to compete with uglies like Mazda 3, the Focus Hatch, and Lexus RS. Mabey the blind can't drive, but they can obviously still buy!

  11. This would make a good Pontiac but not a "near luxury" Buick…Oh…But Obama didn't want people to drive performance cars.

  12. If they can make this look a cross between the Enclave and Astra and keep it below the price of a Mini Cooper I would take a look at it. I live in LA, single about to step up in the small car arena but don't want to be like everyone at work in Minis.

    In live at a building with mostly street parking so small is key. But I want to be comfy inside not cheap econobox. This could work for me.

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