Even more pictures of the all new Saab 9-5

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It sure is pretty nice.

I just don’t know if it’s enough….

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  1. It's retro and a nice direction for a lux sedan, but will this design really take buyers from BMW, Merc and Lexus?

    Oh, and the interior looks very cheap Audi knock off to me to me!

  2. 1980 all around !

    …except the steering wheel.

    Do you realy think people will buy it over a BMW, Audi or M-B ? Even the new S60 ?

    I don't think so !

  3. This isn't enough.

    They just refreshed the one vehicle in their TWO MODEL lineup that isn't their "volume" leader. Saab sells as many cars in one year as Honda sells Accords in one month.

    Saab is DOA and I honestly couldn't care less. GM has killed that company.

  4. It will not be enough…SAAB has become irrelevant and redundant. How about that for a business plan?

  5. I heard there gonna price it at 41k so i say major fail !!!!!! id much rather buy a bmw 3 series for alot less money !

  6. Oh no that interior looks really bad and plasticky….as if it didn't come from GM, but from Chrysler!!!
    That's too bad when I had hope that Saab would put out something to turn itself around.

  7. I for one, like it. I also like that they didn't use fake wood, seriously the wood=luxury cliché is SO old. I think the lines are clean but modern and I can't wait to see the wagon. The only thing is that the headrests don't look very Saab-like, which is dissapointing, that is a part of their brand indentity. Keep it up Saab, with the next 9-3! and btw Saab is more aimed towards Volvo, Acura, and other entry level brands than BMW and Mercedes.

  8. Unlike most people commenting on here who worship BMW and MB (I personally just wouldn't want to drive one), I'm going to reserve judgement until I see it in person. Descriptions of the new material on the dash are pretty compelling for those who got an early insider look. Apparently, it is some sort of new material that has the look of ice with little chips floating within it. Maybe the pics don't do it justice. We all know many cars aren't represented well in still shots.

    I know when the new Jag designs came out (XK and XF in particular), I hated them. Then in person, they look completely different. Road presence makes a big difference so time will tell.

  9. It´s tragically dull, but it´ll make a great taxi in Sweden.

    I only hope Christian Koenigsegg can save Saab from seemingly inevitable oblivion.

  10. They need a new 9-3 immediately, as well as a few other models. A brand can't survive on two models (one of which is very dated).

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