Friday night at Bob’s Big Boy in Burbank

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Including George Barris himself driving his latest “creation”…
(It’s no Batmobile…)

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  1. And what's so funny about all the paint and crap they used to make the Prius look like an anteater, is that it has probably doubled it's carbon footprint. What a POS!

  2. Nothing brings up those greasy burgers faster than the site of a vomit yellow / mold green Toyota Pius. ( I think this model is a Puke Pius the IV edition). Mix in a little lithium battery acid and you've got the makings of a mess that's guaranteed to make us all sick for years to come!

  3. I like how that guy paints over the c pillar window on the Prius but then puts a wind deflector over it…..uuuuhhhhhh…..yea…someone may want to show that guy how to pull his head out of his keester.

    I love that station wagon though! And of course the Goat too.

  4. The old Mercedes is beautiful! I'd like to see the Vista Cruiser completed. It just looks mean, in a good way.

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