Future BMW 3 series GT?

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It looks like BMW is getting ready to produce a hatchback version of the next 3 series sedan. Just like they are doing with the upcoming 5 series.
From this illustration, the car would be much more modern looking than the 2010 5 series GT.
But I really don’t think BMW will go that far. The next 3 series will probably be pretty conservative looking…

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  1. Sorta reminds me of mom's old '59 Nash Rambler wagon– size & shape wise. Especially when you park it next to a '09 Cadillac DTS; it's like parking that Nash Rambler next to a '64 Ninety Eight LS.

  2. If the front door was any smaller on this chop, you wouldnt be able to get in it ! also this chop looks like that shark on finding nemo !

  3. Vince.., those Euro regulations on pedestrian safety, are low hoodlines gone for ever? I hate all these big schnoz cars (like we see here).

  4. That vertical front end looks stupid…Pedestrian safety – my butt – that front end will break someone in half.

  5. A 2 ton car hits you…No "safety" in the world is going to save you…The EU are a bunch of sheep.

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