GM’s new steering wheels

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Some people have mentioned here that the new 9-5 uses GM’s “corporate steering wheel”.
As this picture shows, it’s not really true.
Sure, they all look very similar. But they are not the same, as you can see.

Unlike the current ones, where I noticed during my test drives, that, among many others, the Solstice, Malibu and Corvette use the exact same steering wheel.

At least, they seem to make more of an effort on the new models…

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  1. I like the design a lot, but until you posted these pictures, I thought they were re-badged. I doubt the normal buyer would notice anyway.

  2. I know what you mean Vince. My '09 Chevy Express has the exact steering wheel as the Caddy Escalade.

  3. Yes, but what about the HVAC controls and stuff? I hate the fact that the 9-5s controls look like they came out of a Buick. Sure the headlight and window switches were the same at Saab for 20 years but at least they were their own.

  4. the HVAC and radio controls are also unique on each car.. and so are the gauges.. you can also add the Camaro to this set of new cars that have related components but each have their own look

  5. They are the EXACT SAME WHEEL Vince, just different styling attributes.

    How in the hell can you not see that???

  6. I like the coloring and silver trim of the Opel but I like the style of the Buick.

    And yeah, I hate it when lower and higher end cars share steering wheels. Although my '94 Saturn SC2 shares steering wheels with a 94 Lotus Esprit. Kinda cool for the Saturn, but not so much for the Lotus.

  7. you can dress garbage any way you like it, she's still a classless slut from the trailer park. Why don't they have any press releases regarding quality improvements? Answer- There are none!

  8. I think they look good. None of them are particularly sporty. But on the cars pictured, they work.

  9. the new Lexus/Toyota steering wheels are all the same too — and they appear to be copies of Dodge Darts from 30 years ago!!!

  10. GM has way higher quality than Toyota or Lexus

    If you guys cant see that you are blinded by the badge

  11. I'm not so sure that your statement "the new 9-5 uses GM's 'corporate steering wheel'" is accurate…I think it's the other way around, GM stole the steering wheel design from Saab.

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