Kia “VG” Sedan

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The replacement for the nightmarish looking Amanti is finally coming soon.
From what we’ve seen in spy shots of the actual car, these rendering are the usual overly optimistic and aggressive.
The real thing won’t look that exciting.

I guess there is a market for a good looking upscale yet affordable sedan. The Genesis seems to be doing well.
This will be smaller, cheaper and FWD, but could end up doing quite well against the Maxima and Avalon.
For a lot cheaper.

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  1. Dude! Nissan's not the be all end all in vehicles! This car looks a hundred times better than the ugly Maxima or the stale Avalon! Sorry, but Kia's got it right with their design as of late!

  2. "pluck said…
    if you would pick any Kia over any Nissan, you deserve exactly what you get……enjoy!

    July 29, 2009 7:08 PM"

    Nissans are garbage, sorry.

    I had a 2004 Maxima and it was a piece of shit. As soon as the dealer fixed one rattle, two others would crop up. It had transmission issues till the day I sold it that could never be diagnosed or corrected, but they (Nissan) confirmed there was something wrong. The leather on the drivers side seat was cracking on the side bolster at 40K. The front suspension started clunking loudly around 30K and that was fixed, but started again 15K later.

    Sorry, I would buy a Kia over a Nissan. At least they stand behind their product with a good warranty.

  3. I think Kia/Hyundai is about to take the 2nd place throne away from Acura. In another 5 years they'll take First Place away from Toyota's pricy Lexus brand. All of which will put Cadillac squarely on top (unless Uncle Sam & the Unions run GM into the ground — which is pretty likely.)

  4. It's a good looking car; and for the love of god, please replace the amanti. That is one of the ugliest cars I've ever seen. Who ever was project manager on that thing and let that product out the door should be sent back to the rice patty cause that's where they belong.

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