Mercedes SLS AMG

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This will be a new version of the old classic Gullwing.

They are talking about 571HP from the 6.2 Liter V8.
So this will be much more expensive and exclusive than the SL.
Later an all electric version is planned with 4 electric motors for a total of over 530HP!
That sounds pretty amazing….

No doubt a striking car, but I really think round headlights would have looked better…

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  1. I disagree, these lights are much more flush with the bodywork and they're more modern. I think it's gorgeous.

  2. I agree, they should have used round headlights. With these headlights, the front looks a bit confusing.

  3. Could they make the front anymore retarded? What a friggin joke…Like something from the mind of a 5 year old girl.

  4. Looks good. By the way; round headlights are for $40,000 Jeeps; not $80,000 Cads, Mercs, or Lincolns!!!

  5. Boring and predictable. Its incoherent juvenile retro design will appeal to the rappers who will inevitably be the only ones to buy this.

  6. What a stunning vehicle. If I had the means, I would preorder one in silver, with a black interior just like the original.

    My lord.

    "Anonymous said…
    Could they make the front anymore retarded? What a friggin joke…Like something from the mind of a 5 year old girl."

    You are absolutely retarded. Do you even know what the original gullwing SL looked like?

    People have NO idea where this design came from.

  7. The entire front end is a mess of new and old. The gullwing idea was interesting on the original classic MB. And it was interesting with the DeLorean. But today it just seems like a silly gimmick that only Paris Hilton or some douche in Dubai would appreciate. Maybe if the production numbers are small enough, that's all they'll need.

  8. The front is horrid, but those gullwing doors will make getting panty/no-panty wearing celebrity shots easier to photograph

  9. The original 300 SL Gullwing is the most beautiful Mercedes in my opinion. Today this role ha sthe CLS and the new Gullwing won't change this. It looks nice, but round headlights would have been much better. And overall this car is just not beautiful and stunning enough for a re-interpretation of one of the most famous cars in history.

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