More pictures of the all new 2010 Jaguar XJ

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Still the same, a really good looking front and and a weird, cheap looking rear view.
The black panels surrounding the rear window are just plain weird.

And the interior seems also really busy. Just like the exterior, it looks like too many people worked on it.
From what I’ve seen so far, I think this design is a mess.
And I do love Jaguars.

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  1. These new official pics wins me over even more. I just shoved out in March a 80K on a new 7-series….I feel jaded now. Love my 7….but it wasn't as radical as I hoped in its design, but XJ is…..This car in BLACK (fixes the C-pillar) would be awesome…..Vince are we looking at the same interior? The cream and slate interior…..effin awesome. It retains some classic XJ interior cues but adds a level of innovation and modernism to it.

    The exterior may be questionable to some…..but interior is definitely not. Does Mercedes and BMW have something to worry about? HELL YEAH! This car will be a beast (in a good way) Its like the the XF, Mercedes CLS, and Quattroporte got together and had a threesome and you don't know who the baby daddy is….lol Somebody call Maury Povich!

    Yeah some of the designers were high when they created this, but some people think better and create masterpieces when high…..speaking of that damn I have the munchies!

    This is still a 9 out of 10.

  2. The interior looks gorgeous to me. More upscale than the one in the XF. If I could afford one, I'd have to get it in black to hide that weird C-pillar.

  3. My first impressions of this was that it really reminds me of a Mercury Sable version of an old Ford Taurus, with the front grille of a Volvo.

  4. imho, Jaguar not only raised the bar in every criteria for luxury sedans,
    they also have come up with the ultimate taste-level test…
    … if You don't 'get it' – well, maybe you shouldn't be proud of that 😉

  5. This is an Expensive car ,, who ever buy these kind of cars has a different taste and view than the one who buy or likes a KIA!,,

    maybe the rear end is little wired but still good specillay in the video i saw.. and it will be fine with a time..

    The Interior is WooW,, and i can't see it is busy as u said .. this is a Jaguar.. u don't want somthing simple as KIA!!

  6. Is there a car you like Vince? Always so negative.

    Let's talk about the design of this new Jaguar. Do you like it? Do you not? Why or why not?

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