More pictures of the new VW Polo

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The one were supposed to get in about a year.
Our version will be built in Mexico, and it also might be a sedan version. At least at first.
Competing with the new Ford Fiesta, among others…

Good times coming up for small car buyers.

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  1. I'd love to have one. It has the typical VW design restraint, good looking interior, seemingly decent quality materials, and nice grippy looking seats, etc. A few cheap bits like the cargo material (but which is typical these days in even pricier cars), and somber interior color scream cost-cutting. If the price is competitive and the economy is good, I'm going to look at one when they come out.

  2. Don't forget, VW said that this model will NOT be the one to come to North American Shores…VW in all its wisdom thinks this is too small for the US/Canadian market (obvoiusly blind to the success of Yaris, Fit, Mini – all of which are the same size as this). The one we get will be larger and almost a mix of a mini-minivan and this platform. Just like everything, fatten things up, slow them down. So don't hold your breath.

  3. If VW gave them to someone else to sell then I might by one, but there's no way I'll buy another car from a VW dealer. The reliability, dealer experience and after sales service are just not worth it.

  4. FOUR VW products have been LEMONED where I work. That says enough right there.

    Stay away from VW.

  5. After owning a 2007 Jetta that VW was forced to buy back, I will never own a VW product ever again. Like someone mentioned above, the entire experience is ruined.

    If I were shopping for a vehicle in this segment my first stop would be a Fit, then a Fiesta.

  6. Because I need to be confident that my car will start every morning, I don't buy German brands. Pretty much just Fords and some Japanese marques. GM was on the list until it got nationalized, which takes it out of consideration.

  7. The Polo is one size smaller than the Golf (which isn't selling that great here). And yes in Europe there's even 1 size smaller (Fox).

    If mpg would be the reason to buy this I'd rather get a Hybrid instead.

  8. "How is this different from the Golf/Rabbit again?"

    Smaller and cheaper. Both significant differences and different consumers.

    How is the Fiesta different than the Focus? Kind of a stupid question when you start applying it across most car makers. C-class, E-class. Passat, Jetta. 3 series 5 series. Malibu, Cobalt.

  9. GM was on the list until it got nationalized, which takes it out of consideration.

    You probably wouldn't have bought a GM car anyway so why the histrionics?

    Regardless, it will be nice to have competition in this class of automobile in America again.

  10. "Anonymous said…
    Yaris and Fit barely sell…How is that success?

    July 29, 2009 10:50 AM"

    Umm, the Fit sells really well. You might want to check your facts, buddy.

  11. cant wait to dump my 04 golf. it has been the shittiest car i have ever owned and it is now more of a money pit than a drug addiction. at least drugs make you feel good…

  12. "Anonymous said…
    Define "really well".

    This VW is really well. Really.

    July 30, 2009 8:23 AM"

    Compare it to the competitions sales, jackass.

    Don't bring the Versa into this, Nissan's fleet sales of the Versa are almost as high as the Altima and that is a LOT.

  13. "Anonymous said…
    This should sell really well. No, wait, its a VW, sorry.

    July 30, 2009 8:53 PM"

    People have wised up in recent years and I honestly think it is because of all of the horror stories that people hear.

    The Jetta doesn't sell nearly as well as it used to. The Passat now is in A4 territory as soon as you check a few option boxes, the Beetle is stale, the Tiguan is a joke of a SUV, the EOS is overpriced, and the CC is a fashion accessory.

    VW needs to bring some models that appeal to the American market, make them more reliable, and price them competitively.

  14. The only VW that sells in the US is the Jetta. The rest are 100s a month. This will be to small to sell really well in the US.

  15. " Anonymous said…

    The only VW that sells in the US is the Jetta. The rest are 100s a month. This will be to small to sell really well in the US.

    July 31, 2009 8:33 AM"

    I was behind a Jetta with the 2.0T motor two weeks ago and the exhaust was smoking during acceleration.

    The car couldn't have been more than a year old.

    Just say no to VW.

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