New Buick GL8?

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The GL8 is a Buick minivan that has been sold in China since 2000.
It is based on our old Pontiac Montana. And does look different than the old Buick Terraza sold in the US a few years ago.
The next model will be based on the design of the Buick Business Concept shown last year.
But as you can see, it is toned down. A lot…
And I’m not sure what it is based on since GM abandoned the Minivan market in the US.
It could just be a new design on the old platform.
And not coming over here any time soon.

This is the 2000 GL8.

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  1. Our Pontiac Montana was one of the most unsafe vehicles on the road.

    Search YouTube for the frontal offset crash of the Pontiac Montana. Scary, scary stuff.

  2. I was in China last week where the vans are about 4/5 the size of our vans. very cool styled Toyota Previas and Honda Odysses. saw no Buick vans. I must say the cars on the road there are much more modern and cooler looking than the stuff available here. The thinking that led to this Buick van is why GM went bankrupt.

  3. Anonymous doesn't know Blu-dick from Buick. This thing looks better than the new Lincoln Msomethingthingy.

  4. YOU SAID:"The camo'd vehicle looks like a pathetic Chrysler Minivan." Actually GM was copying the 1990-94 Caravan with this. Unfortunately, (the GM) never quite measured up because: 1)It looked like a 10-year old (1990) Dodge even when production began in 2000; and 2)A lot of GM owners also shop Ford & Chrysler and compare. (Honda also copied Chrysler with their current Oddessy having nearly identical dimensions to the 1996 Caravan/Voyager; but were more successful than GM; probably because 1)Honda got their copy to market much sooner after the 1996 Dodge; and 2)Honda customers rarely check out the competition; allowing them to view a Chrysler Clone as being Honda innovation. Ignorance is Bliss!

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