New Ford Puma coming up???

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At least Auto Express seems to think so.
Sure, it would be easy enough for Ford to base a cool looking small coupe on the new Fiesta.
But I’m not really sure there is such a large market for this type of car.
And I guess Ford is concentrating their resources on what sells.

Here is a cool commercial for the “old” Puma shot in San Francisco a few years ago. Where it was never available, with Steve Mc Queen, who never got to drive one…

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  1. That new Puma looks great! I think it would give a good smack down to the Scion tC. Seriously though, I do like the tC(it's the ONLY Scion that I like), I think this Puma would do really well here in the USA. I'll bet money we won't see it here though. Too bad.

  2. You gotta be fkin kidding me McQeen is rolling in his grave!
    they would do better showing him playing with some Matchbox Ford toys in a sandbox. Or for San Fran that new BRUNO fella swishing around the corners

  3. "Anonymous said…
    All the style of a Scion with better reliability AND a lower price: I'll take two!

    July 26, 2009 7:26 AM"

    You better be a female or a homosexual, because that is the ONLY thing I see driving any model Scion.

    The tC is outdated and it is by far the most boring vehicle to drive in its segment. Everyone says it isn't sporty at all, it handles like a Corolla with two doors.

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