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This has been a rumor for years. A small Lexus that would compete with the BMW 1 series hatch and the A3 in Europe.
We are supposed to get a taste of it in September as a concept. With a production version coming out next year.
It might also be a hybrid only model .

Not sure yet when we will see it in the US. It would have to be cheaper than the IS250…

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  1. $4000 less?
    try $14000 less

    and yes if it look anything like that illustration it will be a pretty pointless and overpriced vehicle

  2. Is Lexus trying to be the Toyota for people who refuse to be seen in a Toyota? This, like their $hitty hybrid economy car, is just going to dilute the Lexus brand. So then Lexus will suck as bad as Toyota does. As it stands now, none of Lexus cars are very good… other than the LS. Their SUV has been a best seller because it's a rolling tampon dispenser for the ladies like the Explorer was in the 90s. I see Toyota going the same direction as GM. "You don't want a Chevy, try a Buick… no? Try an Olds, a Caddy a SAAB." It's no different than Toyota/Lexus/Scion. Lexus should really think twice about this.

  3. It'll be based off of the Auris platform just like the HS and the hybrid version would use the same powertrain. I'm actually kinda curious to see if Lexus can build and sell a compact luxury hatch for under $30k, which is something only Audi has had limited success with.

  4. This reminds me of the older model of IS wagon, which you don't see them a lot out there. It's a mistake. This will not sell in US at all. Just take a look at A3 and 1-series. Not a hot seller in US.

  5. It won't have the Auris base and the concept will be shown very soon. It will be a true competitor to Audi and BMW, believe me, and it won't look like the HS. Some really nice features on board.

    I'm always surprised how people can say that the Mazda 3 is the better car without having any specs, features or any "measureable" data of, in this case, the small Lexus. Sorry…

  6. Why not just change the "T" emblems to "L"s add $10k to the list price of a Yaris? -the typical elderly Lexus customer will never see the difference! (half of them can't even see the road!)

  7. YOU SAID: A properly done Matrix…At $30K. I SAY: "A properly done Matrix is called a (Pontiac) Vibe: –same great car & $2500 less!

  8. What has been said on here about this upcoming "mistake" is that it DEFINITELY will dilute the Lexus brand and based on current softening sales for Lexus, this car will not benefit the brand.

    Lexus started out as the Japanese alternative to established German and American luxury brand, established itself early and saw sales grow from there. But then the "bibber heads" at their Corp headquarters decided they needed to dabble with what was NOT broken and finally succeeded in breaking Lexus business model by entering into space that had no business competing in with the IS for instance.

    They will pay dearly if they attempt to compete in luxury market with this can of embarrassment.

  9. ^^^
    You have no idea what you are talking about, the ES is still one of the top-ranked luxury cars in U.S. sales. Despite its emphasis on isolation and comfort.

    This new compact car will be useful for Lexus in Europe, where small cars are king. Not so sure about the U.S.

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