Next Audi A8?

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Could be.

All their front ends look pretty much the same, so who knows.
The next A8 will even be lighter than the current model, with a new V6 available.

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  1. I know the new Jaguar XJ was really hard on ya Vince, but this here shows a big reason why I love it – it's not a clone of the XF. Put the XJ and the XF side by side, and they differ enough for each to remain interesting for its own reason… and yet share an unmistakable family resemblance.

    Audis now, on the other hand, are becoming very, very redundant. There's no better example of this than the recently released A5 sportback. Bet this doesnt look much different to that either.

  2. With this dude standing in the front it reminds me of the first prototype volt pictures…..I'd rather see Megan Fox bent over the hood.

    I think Audi has a few surprises with this one….they have seen the the new 7 and now the Jag….it may share resemblance to the rest of the line up but I guarantee you it will set a standard, a long as it doesn't have that weird A7 sportback concept grille.

  3. please forgive the philosophy

    seeing the XJ (& XF) is like seeing the "dance of designing" happening before our eyes …and hearing the music too

    the Audi (& BMW or MB too) is like:
    you vill like it or else

    …no thanks

  4. The A8 is a classy car…Hope they don't screw it up…Hope their designers didn't take the short bus to school…Hope their designers aren't american art school grads.

  5. By far, the most redeeming quality of the (current) A8 is the INTERIOR: 1) Good Design; and 2) Allowing customers to choose from several wood veneers is a plus that sets them apart from the crowd. (BMW has a version of the 7 that has a couple choices, but not as many as the A8). The exterior is currently nice, but getting a bit long-in-the-tooth.

  6. why would a prestigious, hip, cassy brand like audi have someones retired doorman standing beside the car?

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