Next Caprice or Impala?

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A reader sent me this.
Looks like a Holden based large Chevrolet sedan. With its own design.

I remember talking to a GM exec while in Memphis (for a Malibu introduction) and he was telling me about them working on a RWD Impala. So this might have been it.
Or not. Who knows…

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  1. That's an old chop done by Motor Trend. It uses the Lexus IS for the base and has Tahoe LTZ wheels

  2. Yep this was a rendering that was meant to be what is the current Impala….its about 4 or 5 years old…it was in Motor Trend's magazine.

    If it actually came out to look like this it what have been a great contender for the Charger.

  3. I read yesterday that the Pontiac
    G8 will become a Caprice. The G8 is a great looking design that GM can build upon for years to come.

    Also GM would be advised to take the Opel Astra platform and incorporate it in its new line up. This is also another car that will allow GM to compete head to head with the VW Golf and GTI, if they are serious about going smaller.

  4. I remember when I first saw this years ago, I thought it was hot, now it's totally not enough. The front end looks like a squashed current generation Tahoe.

  5. GM sells the Traverse in Arabia…Didn't know that…Wonder if they are built in the US and exported there. The Arabia Caprice looks nice but the back looks to "Impala".

  6. Nobody is probably going to notice this post as this topic has been here for a while but here it goes. I just read on that Fritz and maximum Bob are butting heads. Bob wants the G8/Caprice here in the USA and thinks it may be a wise investment. ceo Fritz says he wants it only as a police car(maybe). It's not definite that we're getting it yet folks. Although there's nothing I want more than a nice rear wheel drive performance sedan, I'm not sure Fritz is wrong. Bad economy, high fuel prices probably means low V8 rear wheel drive sales. But man I want one!!!

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