Nissan’s new all electric car

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Nissan is supposed to be unveiling an all new electric model this week end. And maybe 2 more .
So far only these teaser shots are available. And no specs.

Although I’ve heard about 100 miles per charge for on of the models.

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  1. The front end of this car really looks like a yaris and that aint a good thing ! and nissan's new mini web site for this dont show anything else so far, guess well have to wait till sunday to see it.
    Lets hope they talk about charging time along with range, the 2 most important factors when discussing electric vehicles…

  2. with these models Nissa Motor Corporation will establish itself as the world leader in ZERO emissions vehicles. They will be cute, affordable, reliable and a Nissan!

  3. emissions,in the automotive sector, refers to what the "car" emits ya dumb c#$&. Even you emit waste as a human! Maybe more thought before you make a fool of yourself once again.

  4. this grouping of Nissan "Zero" emission vehicles will quash the terrible Nickel Cadmium powered Toyota and honda. Nickel strip mining….yuk!

    Every environmentally conscious person will dive into a NISSAN! Box it up!

    No gas ever…imagine that!

  5. Actually electric motors emit O3 (Ozone) which is incredibly poisonous to biological life…Unlike CO2 which causes biological life.

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