Production version of the Peugeot RC Z

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What a stunning design. And very close to the concept.
Based on the 308, this coupe version s a 2+2. Engines will top at over 200hp.
Another choice will be the 1.6 Liter Turbo with 175hp used in the Mini Cooper S.

The whole thing sounds like the TT. Which is its main competition.
I always liked the Audi TT, but it’s good to finally see some competition.

Just too bad we’ll never see one over here…

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  1. Vince, Go figure… This design is absolutely the pinacle of recent automobile designs, with a modern and clean look that seems ageless, and once again the U.S. never gets the really good stuff!

  2. what I wonder is, if they are going to sell this, what is the point of the 308 convertible presented last year?

  3. I like to read the European car mags, and I've noticed that the French are doing really stunning designs these days. They've come a long way from that old "cockroach on wheels" Citroen I remember from my youth.

  4. This reminds me more of the VW Karman Ghia (sp?) than the Audi TT. I am not saying that it does not look good, but style is subjective and this car leaves me understanding why it will have some detractors.

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